Travel Photographer {Paris, France Day 8}

We made the most of our last day in Paris.  It took a lot walking, but it was all worth it.

The day started by being entertained by our one and only ~ Liam.  As we were walking in the streets, he gout out of his stroller quickly and ran up the steps of one of the old Churches nearby.  Once he reached the top of the steps, without further ado, he started singing out loud.  He also started dancing and after awhile he sang again.  As much as we wanted to get going, we let him be and even encouraged him to continue.  It was hilarious!

When Liam was done entertaining us with his singing and dancin, we moved on to our first destination of choice, the Musée Rodin.  Along the way, we did a quick stop and checked out the Hotel des Invalides.  We opted not to go inside the museum so we didin’t see Napoleon’s  Tomb.  We knew it would have taken up most of the day and there was just too much more to see.

We enjoyed many of Auguste Rodin’s sculptures in Musée Rodin.  I find his sculptures to be ‘dark’ and creepy.  Most especially, the Gates of Hell.  With this sculpture, depicted the scene from “The Inferno” of Dante’s Divine Comedy.  And, The Thinker?  Well, he was still thinking and probably still is.

The day would be complete without satisfying mommy’s tummy for macaroons.  This time, we went to one of Pierre Hermé’s boutiques.  It was a loooong walk from Rodin’s, but it was all worth the walk.  We think it’s better than Ladurée.  Just full of bursting flavors!  We still love Ladurée, but we would pick PH over L if they were located near each other.

Our last destination was the Eiffel Tower.  We were told by many people to visit the famous tower when the sun is setting.  We did what we were advised to do , and they were right.  The view of the Eiffel Tower during the twilight hours is just magical.  The sky showed off its colors and made a beautiful background fro the tower.  Spectacular, indeed!

After the sun set, we braved it and got in line to get atop of the tower.  There was a long line, but it was moving fast.  It got a little chaotic though, because it was so crowded and it got really cold at the top.  The restaurant was full and there was no place to sit and enjoy our champagne at the Champagne Bar.  We decided to head back down and retreated to a nearby pub house.  There we enjoyed a bottle of wine with our food and end our great adventures in the city of Paris.

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