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Travel Photographer {Paris, France Day 8}

We made the most of our last day in Paris.  It took a lot walking, but it was all worth it. The day started by being entertained by our one and only ~ Liam.  As we were walking in the streets, he gout out of his stroller quickly and ran up the steps of one of […]

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Travel Photographer {Paris, France Day 7}

Liam was pretty excited to start our 7th day in Paris!  He was told that we would ride the RER, Paris’ Metro again to visit Versailles.  He was even more happier when we took the tram tour around the city of Versailles.  This boy just loves riding trains. The city is small.  It was also […]

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Travel Photographer {Paris, France Day 6}

Day six was a relaxing one for us.  We walked throughout the day, but we got to relax for a couple of hours during our boat cruise excursion along the river of Seine with Bateaux-Mouches.  We took the cruise later in the afternoon, so we were able to experience the magnificent view of the city […]

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Travel Photographer {Paris, France Day 5}

Day 5 was special.  Special because it was our little sunshine’s birthday.  It’s his ‘day’ and we promised to take him to Disneyland, Paris.  And that’s exactly what we did!  We rode the RER, Paris’ Metro, which he also enjoyed.  He loved the ride as much as he loves the ride on the Washington, DC […]

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Travel Photographer {Paris, France Day 4}

Our 4th day in Paris was a busy one for us.  We started off by taking the tour bus to Notre-Dame.  We walked around Ile de la Cité and Ile St-Louis, attached a “love” lock on  Pont Notre-Dame, hung around Pont Neuf, and walked all the way to the Jardin du Luxembourg in the Latin […]

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